First-time participation in the Gipuzkoa Company Race

On 14 May 2023, the XIV COMPANY RACE took place, organised by El Diario Vasco, Donosti Eventos and ADEGI in San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa). A race between companies and teams of 4 whose members must start and finish a run of 8.5 km through the city together. This time round, Calcinor participated with 4 teams, making […]

20 May 2023
2 minutes

We shape the refractories of the future. Welcome to Kelsen!

REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A. is a benchmark European company in the manufacturing of dolomite refractory materials outstanding for its safety, efficiency, automation, cutting-edge technology and environmental sustainability. All of this means that we can look towards the future with our customers, aiming to generate a lasting relationship of trust between professionals. That’s why it is essential […]

23 March 2023
2 minutes

REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A. opens new laboratory facilities

Being a company founded in the 60s, REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A. joined the CALCINOR family in 2001. More than 50 years’ experience in the manufacture of refractory products for the iron and steel industry have made REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A. a benchmark company in the production of dolomite bricks and mixes. A leadership position that demands high […]

22 March 2023
2 minutes

REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A. launches a new dolomite fired brick manufacturing plant

In today’s situation of global crisis, CALCINOR maintains its commitment to and investment in the continuity and sustainability of companies in the group. That’s why REFRACTARIOS KELSEN S.A., a European benchmark in the production of dolomite bricks and mixes, recently opened a new fired brick plant completing an extension of almost 6,000m2 for this company […]

21 March 2023
2 minutes

KELSEN tackles the technological challenges facing the future of refractory products for the iron and steel industry by participating in the H-ACERO project

With their sights set on caring for the future of the planet, CALCINOR and the companies in its business group have launched an action plan to meet the EU’s environmental commitments for the coming years Said plan encompasses actions at various levels, such as improving process efficiency and the ecodesign of products, where one of […]

20 March 2023
2 minutes


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